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Locked Girl

The Girl's Secret Room

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Name:Patchouli Knowledge
Birthdate:May 30

The Girl's Secret Room
she refused to leave...

In a dark and gloomy room, a recluded girl is buried in books.
”What do you want today?”
And just as expected, the words come from beyond the door:

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! Open up this door!
I’ll definitely grab you by the hand and take you out.

In a room full of dust, a coughing girl closes her book.
“This has nothing to do with you.”
No way, ze. You’re always inviting me, and you seem about to break.

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! Listen to this feeling!
I will cry out your name, and make you turn to face me.

From beyond the door, a scratching,
Murmuring voice mixed with tears:
“Don’t mind about me anymore.”
I’m tired of this response
So I called her name once again.

Locked Girl? You gotta be kiddin’! The door is already open.
As much as you cry, there’s nothing here for you.
Locked Girl! Let’s go! Open up this door.
I will grab you, and I’ll definitely take you with me!

Two girls riding the red-tinged sky.
“Fly a little slower.”
So? Where shall we go?

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